Turn key projects


Developing a factory concept

gyrtsi gyr koncepci kidolgozsa

When designing a factory concept, the production, machining, assembly and sale of specific parts or component groups are the ultimate goal.

The creation of a new factory or production profile requires the coordination and feasibility of a wide range of tasks, which require careful investigation and technical-economic analysis.

The location of the site, its transport, logistics and energy needs to be investigated and the environmental impacts associated with the operation must be checked.

When designing a factory concept, social conditions must be ensured with maximum compliance with legal requirements.

When designing technology, future capacity-building opportunities should be taken into account. Selection of machining centers should also take into account the most optimal flow of material flow.

Based on the totality of the information, the purpose of the factory concept is to determine the expected total cost of implementation, which should be adjusted to the needs of the investor.