Engineering work

Excel Csepel Machine Tool Manufacturing Ltd. basically designs and manufactures CNC controlled lathes, machining centers and flexible automated production systems built from such machines.


In addition to its core business, our company is committed to modernizing previously manufactured machine sand machine tools from other manufacturers, designing units and services that increase efficiency and productivity. We undertake design and implementation of  full range of mechanical and electrical renovation works based on health check, the professional replacement of operationally relevant components and the replacement of unavailable parts.

We erdesign and implement traditional machines with a CNC controller, through the selection of main and feed motors, by selecting ball bearings and selecting appropriate measuring systems. We undertake the complete renewal of these machines, NC controllers, wirings, control panels and switch cabinets with CE compliant ones. All our modernized and refurbished machines are provided in Hungarian and in foreign language (English, German, Russian, etc.) on paper and / or electronic form.

We undertake to design, redesign, modernize, single-purpose machines for various technologies to increase the level of automation. We design special-purpose units, target machines, complete equipment, we manufacture, install, manage and train their maintenance. We work with customer specialists in designing machine tools and custom technology.

Our designers and technologists have extensive experience in designing and manufacturing flexible automated production systems, primarily in the storage, transmission and manipulation of raw and finished workpieces, as well as in the design of CNC machines in such systems and in the design of supplementary units and components.

Our electric designers undertake the processing of paper-based old documentation using the EPLAN Design Program.